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How To Stop Weeds Before They Appear

How do you get that beautiful weed free lawn? Well, it takes a number of steps, but one of the most important steps to getting that weed free lawn needs to take place in the next 30 days or so. What is it you ask? A Pre-Emergent Application!

Why Pre-Emergent

Pre-Emergent is the weed control (preventer) that stops weeds before they can grow or germinate. Pre-Emergent is an herbicide that works by creating a chemical barrier in the top layer of soil that prevents weeds from starting to grow. Pre-Emergent especially helps with Crab Grass, an especially hard weed to completely get rid of once it has control of your yard. Pre-Emergent will not kill established weeds you will have to put down other applications for pre-existing weeds, but it help to stop new weeds from growing.

Timing (When should I apply?)

The protective barrier lasts between 6-8 weeks, so timing is important here. An application to early and your barrier will start to break down, to late and weeds have already started germinating and Pre-Emergent will not be effective. In Dacula,Ga or Gwinnett County the best time to apply is when soil temperatures start hitting 55-60 degrees. Personally I like to play it safe and apply with 2 applications. I apply one application in early January and second at the end of February beginning of March. This makes sure no weeds slide thru if we have an early warm up! Just keep in mind if you apply 2 applications you have to divide the total amount you can apply in a year in half for 2 applications.

How do you complete the Pre-Emergent Application?

You can defiantly do this yourself if you are into DIY, just ensure you read all instructions and do some research prior to putting down any application. You can easily do more harm to your yard or the environment than good with the different applications you apply. If you are not the DIY or don’t have to knowledge in lawn chemicals and fertilization I would recommend hiring a professional.

As always providing helpful tips to help you make your landscape look great!

Wes Bridges

Bridges Elite Landscapes


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