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Tips for Hiring a Lawn Service

1. Are they Licensed and Insured- Does the Company have a business License? Do they have Insurance? Many companies do not, even some advertise as having both sometimes do not. Request a copy before having them do work on your property. Accidents happen, when they do you want a professional company that is going to take care of you. Not one that is a liability to you and your family and will just take off and never hear from again.

2. Communication & Reliability- Do they answer the phone? Are you able to get in contact with your company in a timely manner? Are you able to clearly communicate the service you are wanting provided to you? Are you having to constantly follow up or chase down your provider? Get a professional company that will be there on a scheduled day every time or be up front and communicate if they need to reschedule for weather. Don’t just hope they are going to show up.

3. Professional Appearance- Ensure the company has a professional appearance and equipment to service your property. They are going to be in front of your home, they need to have a professional appearance, because in some ways they represent you.

4. Employee Background checks- Many companies hire the first individual they can find off the street. Any company service provider who works around your home should be screening their employees prior to serving your property. Do you want just anyone around your most valuable assets? They will be around your family, pets, backyard having gate codes etc.

5. Billing- Does the company accept credit cards or online payments? Do they have an automated billing system to make your billing hassle free? Or do you have to be there when they service your yard so you have to pay in cash or check?

Look into these when hiring a company. These are what we hear most often when taking on new clients. I hope this helps you find the right fit for you this year!

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