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Tips to having a great looking Lawn

Hi Neighbors, Warmer Temperatures are upon us and with that the grass is greening up! Very exciting for us lawn care enthusiasts!. I wanted to offer some tips to help you with your lawn this spring and early summer! Tip 1: Low first Cut Start the season with a low first cut on your lawn, as the weather warms up this will assist with the warmth of the sun to get down to the grass roots and help with an earlier green up! Now we don't want to go to low and hit the roots of the grass. This needs to happen very quickly if you have not already done this for the year. As if you wait til the grass is green it will cause the mower to scalp the grass and will be a negative effect. Tip 2: Core Aeration This is done once the grass has greened up in the next few weeks. Have your lawn Aerated with a Core Aerator. This process pulls plugs out of the ground and loosens up the hard compacted soil. This helps the roots get more air to them and loosens the soil for the roots to more easily spread. This allows for you lawn to thicken and spread more easily. There is no need to rake up the plugs as they will eventually break down in a week or two. Make sure if you have a sprinkler system you mark all your heads to avoid a sprinkler head getting busted by the aerator. Tip 3 : Top Dress your Lawn Have a load of Black dirt(Compost) delivered. Grab a pitch fork or shovel and lightly spread it across your whole lawn. This is not easy work, but will pay off with the high amount of nutrients in the compost. Ensure the compost you buy was sifted for weeds and weed seeds as you defiantly don't want to introduce new weeds to your yard, These few steps will help you to jump start your lawn this spring! This will help you take your lawn to the next level and be the envy of your neighbors!

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